Cosmetic Logistics: How 3PLs Make All The Difference

Cosmetic Logistics: How 3PLs Make All The Difference

In this blog post, we’d like to touch on the cosmetics industry and its relationship with shipping and logistics. While there are a variety of industries we service, we think cosmetics and toiletries companies definitely face some interesting challenges. With various product offerings, numerous colors and shades, and more, cosmetics logistics in itself is an entirely different monster. For one thing, trends make companies take a closer look at their supply chains. Additionally, distributors need to transport products quickly in order to meet demand.

We want to take you step-by-step through the importance of managing a business’s supply chain, particularly if you’re in the cosmetics industry. We list the factors to keep in mind, so you can familiarize yourself with a 3PL’s role in the storage and shipping process. By understanding the cosmetic distribution process, you can make educated decisions for your business.


Demand for cosmetics overseas

Today, the trend is importing cosmetics from other countries. There are numerous brands all over the world there that consumers love and trust. Thus, it’s safe to say the industry has gone global, so in order to keep up with your competitors, you’ll need to take your company beyond the national level.

An experienced 3PL makes international shipping possible, extending your reach and assisting your brand in gaining exposure. The right 3PL company should already have a strategic partnership with one or more carriers to meet their clients’ needs. This way, they will give your business a competitive boost.

Proper handling

No doubt, cosmetics and toiletries are temperature sensitive and can easily surrender to contamination. For certain products to work effectively, their formulas must remain unchanged. To avoid compromising quality, cosmetics need to be stored properly throughout the entirety of the fulfillment process. This means ensuring some products are consistently placed in refrigerators as they travel between destinations.

In this case, you’ll need to carefully consider who to choose as your 3PL provider. They should offer a variety of solutions to ensure your products arrive at their destinations on time. Furthermore, because the industry possesses heavy regulations, the 3PL must have certain licenses to handle these types of products.

Accurate inventory management

The right products need to be ready to ship at the right time, so companies as well as their 3PL providers need to think about the future. There are so many factors businesses must continually consider when creating and selling product and curating their warehouse’s inventory. In cosmetics, businesses need to consider trends, skin tones, and the changing seasons to predict the products they should offer. However, the biggest challenge that comes with this is changes in preference over time. Companies want to make sure their products are readily available while they’re still popular. It’s this constant battle between supply and demand.

Once a company has developed their inventory, a 3PL can make sure a company’s inventory remains uncontaminated and relevant. The best part is that the right 3PL can track all of this in real-time.

With dependable storage and transportation, a 3PL partnership makes managing a cosmetics business’s inventory much easier.

Plus, for further inventory control, a 3PL can even help with returns. Cosmetics and toiletries businesses are bound to have returns, so a 3PL provider will make sure these products are priced accordingly and successfully returned.

Utilizing the right carrier

A significant difference in shipping for the cosmetics industry is the preference to frequently ship smaller orders.

Because companies want to constantly ship cosmetics from one place to another, using a trusted carrier is crucial. Of course, if cosmetics and toiletries companies had the choice, they’d want to use the most cost-efficient transportation method along with the quickest service.

Be sure your 3PL provider offers a team who’s experienced in handling cosmetics. This way, they’ll already know about the obstacles that come with shipping these types of items. If you’re working with the wrong carrier and they happen to damage shipments, your 3PL should have the ability to file claims.

Additionally, a top-tier 3PL will utilize a TMS, and there are many benefits that come with this. You can select the carrier you want simply by logging into an online portal. Plus, both you and your customers can track their orders. A final perk of a TMS is that a full-service 3PL will only provide you with one bill for all of your shipments. We do all the billing for you, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. When shippers use a TMS, it smooths out the entire delivery process.

Consumer satisfaction

This is often the overlooked part of cosmetic logistics. Of course, a company wants sales, but how are they going to reach their goals if their once-loyal customers become dissatisfied? Consumers want their favorite beauty products, and they want them as soon as possible. Nobody wants to have to wait, and logistics plays a huge role in how the customer will ultimately feel. By partnering with a 3PL, you’re essentially extending your shipping department. You can choose your desired carriers, and customers can easily track their shipments. It’s that simple, and it works.

All you need to do to encourage customer satisfaction is focus on is the selling process—market toward your target audience, promote your products, and make your brand stand out. After all, cosmetic fulfillment and marketing go hand in hand.


If you work in the fast-paced cosmetics and toiletries industry and would like to partner with a reliable carrier, consider DTS.

Since 1990, Diversified Transportation Services has been delivering supply chain solutions to a wide variety of industries, including the cosmetics and toiletries industry. We’ve got you covered in all aspects of cosmetic fulfillment related to shipping, from the rates to the customer service.

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