April 1, 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic enters into April and the timeline for sheltering in place has been extending, we want to make sure that our clients are aware of 2 critical items — DTS understands the role that we play in the supply chain across the country and that we here to help our clients as we have been for 29 years.

Our entire team understands that our clients rely on our expertise to get their goods picked up and delivered in a timely manner. With our 29 years of experience we have moved just about everything you can possibly imagine, and with that being said, we will continue to do so even in these current unchartered waters that everyone is experiencing. We are all in this together and we will continue to work together to meet our clients every changing and sometimes challenging needs.

  • DTS is a privately held organization that is financially sound. With that being said, we are positioned to continue to focus on our clients’ needs as we have always done.
  • Our team has moved to our remote working contingency plan to keep our staff safe. Our office phone numbers and emails are the same as always when you need to contact our team.
  • Our TMS – Transportation Management System – has continued and will continue to allow us to meet our clients’ needs each and every day around the country.
  • When businesses are given challenges that they are not accustomed to, they can rely on the DTS team to work out a solution that will meet their goals.

We continue to clean our offices and ensure the safety of our staff on a daily basis utilizing social distancing. While this is not the norm that anyone has expected, you can count on the DTS team to be there for your needs moving forward. Our company is deemed essential in moving the country’s goods to where they are needed and we will continue to support our clients in meeting their particular, yet changing needs. The entire logistics and supply chain industry, as well as every driver behind the wheel of a truck, every forklift operator and every warehouse associate will continue to get our country back on track. Collectively American’s will each do their own part as well as our team at DTS.

Covid-19 FAQs

Are we seeing any challenges or service delays?

DTS has over 29 years of experience in moving freight around the US. We can assure our clients that without a doubt, we will continue to be here for our clients to meet their ever changing needs. Our management team continues to have daily updates with our sales and operational team members to ensure that we are meeting our clients goals. We act accordingly on each individual shipment and will keep our clients updated with any potential delays.

Can clients ship into and out of Canada and Mexico?

The borders remain open as truck drivers are considered essential to maintaining companies supply chains.

Are we still doing residential deliveries?

We are still doing residential deliveries but the options for the consignee to accept the freight and NOT signed the POD are available as well. Social distancing is being done by drivers when they make not only residential deliveries, but all deliveries.

What happens if a delivery is attempted and the consignee is closed or refuses the delivery?

Every attempt will be made to get the shipment to the consignee. All shippers are encouraged to reach out their consignees to make sure that they are open to accept freight prior to the shipment being sent out. Any redelivery costs will have to be paid for by the payor of the freight.

Will storage fees apply if the consignee wants to hold off on the delivery?

Unfortunately storage fees will apply. The goal is to get everything delivered and not clog the docks of our carrier partners. Therefore we strongly advise all shippers to ensure that the consignee will be able to accept the freight.

How do I set up a shipment so that a call prior to delivery is done?

Just call our operations team or your sales executive when you set up your shipment and give them the proper name and phone number for the receiver.

Is there a fee for the call prior to delivery or to set up an appointment?

There is a small fee but the fee helps to reduce and eliminate any redelivery costs that typically far outweigh the cost for the call.

Can shipments still be guaranteed for delivery to meet a specific delivery date?

Options for guaranteed shipments with delivery timelines are changing daily. Call our operations team to discuss your current need.

Can we move dedicated truckloads of goods that are deemed mission critical to areas that are deemed shelter in place?

We can move any goods to any place, provided the consignee will accept them. Our expedited solutions team can help with your needs from 1 pallet to an entire truckload.

How is Diversified Transportation Services able to still provide logistical solutions with the Quarantine currently in place?

We are deemed essential in helping to maintain companies supply chains, and thus we are exempt from the quarantine or Shelter in Place guidelines.