Challenges Facing Your Cosmetics Supply Chain

Challenges Facing Your Cosmetics Supply Chain
Challenges Facing Your Cosmetics Supply Chain

The cosmetics industry is one of constant change and reinvention, where staying on top of market trends is key to survival. Due to this market volatility, beauty supply manufacturers need to have the necessary infrastructure to quickly adapt and change course. This is where having a partner like Diversified Transportation Services can come in handy. Here are some of the unique challenges facing your cosmetics supply chain and how a third-party logistics company can help your business thrive.

The Raw Supplies Needed

In the world of beauty products, everything can undergo a seismic shift with just a few keystrokes. A quick Instagram post, Snapchat Story, or Tweet from the right influencer or celebrity can have consumers scrambling to find the new must-have lip shade and matching eyeliner. When this happens, you must be ready to quickly ramp up production, which often means rushing in the necessary raw materials. It is also possible to use analytics from a 3PL provider to quickly scale your production to meet additional demand. So, not only will the right 3PL company ensure you have the correct amount of materials, but they can get your supply shipments out to the right locations, all while other makeup companies will still be trying to figure out how much to order.

Consumer Demand

Once your cosmetics are through production, you must be able to get your shipments out to consumers quickly so you can beat your competitors. Again, a third-party logistics team can help because it already has the infrastructure in place to save your business time. It is also possible for buyer habits to change mid-transit, necessitating a change in destination for your cosmetics. Rather than being forced to wait for the products to arrive at the original destination, only to then redirect them somewhere else, it is instead possible to adjust the final destination of your freight mid-transit.

Changing of the Seasons

Just like other fashion and beauty industries, cosmetics also experiences changes based on the seasons. Being able to forecast the demand for individual products will give you a competitive advantage over your less-agile competitors. Some factors you will need to consider when developing a logistics plan for cosmetics include region, time of year, past performance, current market trends, and inventory levels. This is where having a proper logistics partner can save you time and money.

The cosmetics industry isn’t the only one in which companies must overcome unique challenges. At Diversified Transportation Services, we have the experience, infrastructure, and connections necessary to help your company flourish. Whether you’re an aircraft shipping company trying to export aeronautical parts, are looking for ways to overcome the challenges facing your cosmetics supply chain, or you operate in any other industry where speed and precision are key, we can create a shipping and logistics plan that works for you.

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