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How Is the Trucking Industry Combating Driver Shortages?

Oddly enough, recent improvements in the U.S. retail economy have caused some challenges for the transportation industry. While economic improvement is definitely good news, some parts of the shipping industry weren't able to keep up, leading to driver shortages. The reasons for truck driver shortages are a bit complicated, but essentially, the improving economy has [...]


3 Industry Trends that Might Change Transportation for Good in 2019

Every industry changes with time, and the transportation industry is no exception. Recently, transportation markets have seen tremendous growth; in 2015 alone, spending in the U.S. logistics and transportation industry totaled $1.48 trillion, representing 8% of annual gross domestic product. Though the transportation sector has seen an uptick in the last decade thanks to a [...]


Faster, Safer, Smarter: How GPS Benefits the Transportation Industry

Perhaps without realizing it, most consumers today rely on recent advancements in the logistics industry for maintaining their current way of life. Thanks to innovative developments in GPS technology, shipping speeds are faster than ever, while shipping costs remain relatively low. This efficiency impacts online shopping, pharmaceutical deliveries, produce freshness, and much, much more.   [...]


3 Key Benefits of Hiring Industrial Machinery Movers

When completing any kind of job, it is tempting to try and accomplish any and every task by yourself. From home improvement projects to industrial construction projects, homeowners and managers try to save money and time by doing everything themselves. Though attempting to handle a project solo from start to finish is noble, it's often [...]


How Do CGMPs Affect Pharmaceutical Shipping?

In any industry, quality is of the utmost importance. However, in the pharmaceutical industry, quality takes on a whole new meaning. Medicines and prescription drugs that do not adhere to the highest standards risk more than customer dissatisfaction and legal trouble. They gamble with a patient's health. Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing The FDA has [...]


What Makes Expedited Trucking So Fast?

If you manufacture and distribute any kind of product, then chances are you know the importance of efficient and timely delivery. Slow delivery methods can result in lower customer satisfaction, decreased sales, and in general, a stagnant business.   According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, about 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate [...]


National Motor Freight Classification, Explained

In any industry, extensive guidelines govern how nearly every item imaginable should be handled and hauled. National Motor Freight Classification categorizes different goods to regulate shipping rates for different commodities, for a more standardized and predictable pricing structure.   Overall, National Motor Freight Classification separates freight based on four key characteristics: density, handling, stowability, and [...]


Common Examples of Specialty Freight

Not every good or product fits neatly into a box. Even large storage containers, pallet wrapping, and other modes of shipment cannot accommodate sensitive, fragile, or unusual items. If you're considering running a manufacturing business but are unsure of what items require special shipment, here are a few that might qualify as specialty freight: Sensitive [...]


Basic Trade Show Questions, Answered

Every year, hundreds of businesses share ideas and products by attending trade shows. Use the following guide to answer all of your basic questions about the purpose of trade shows and about how to get your products to a trade show display safely. What is a trade show, anyway? One innovative way businesses share their ideas and [...]


Top Safety Tips for Pharmaceuticals Transportation

Transporting pharmaceuticals is an incredibly complicated process, and it's arguably more important than manufacturing them. This is because pharmaceuticals transporting allows the valuable medications to make it to the place they are needed the most. Shipping these products requires an extra level of care to ensure that medications make it to their destination. This is [...]