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Freight Terminology: 7 Common 3PL Shipping Acronyms

Freight terminology can be frightening, daunting, and exhausting—especially for many newcomers who are unfamiliar with all the ins and outs of third-party logistics. To make matters worse, the industry is littered with acronyms that muddle the user experience. As we’re sure you’re well aware of by now, talking about freight (or even thinking about it) [...]


4 Benefits of Outsourcing for Expedited Freight Services

In this world of online shopping and instant gratification, expedited freight services are one of the most popular shipping methods your business can offer. And that's true whether you need to deliver lipstick or heavy-duty industrial machinery. Roughly 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate on America's roadways today, according to the Federal Motor Carrier [...]


Are These Pharmaceuticals Shipping Logistics Hurting Your Supply Chain?

Like many other industries around the world, the pharmaceutical industry has grown more than a fair bit over the years. But with growth comes new logistical issues, and that's exactly what pharmaceuticals transportation companies are running into right now. What kind of logistical issues? Read on to learn more. Lack of Coordination There isn't a [...]


3 Things to Know When Shipping an Oversize Freight Load

Technology has brought society to a great place where everyone is connected. People can talk to others halfway across the world with ease. Products can always be attained from locations that are not so close to home, and that is in large part thanks to expedited international shipping services, as well as local shipping. The [...]


Why Do Some Roads Have Weight Restriction? 3 Factors Decide

Thanks to advances in technology, people are able to get their hands on goods from around the world. This means shipping is becoming increasingly popular. There are roughly 12 million locomotives, rail cars, trucks, and vessels that move goods over the transportation network. There are several different kinds of shipments that these transportation vehicles see, [...]


4 Factors That Determine LTL Freight Rates

LTL freight services refer to less than truckload shipping. This transportation uses a relatively small freight, which only occupies a portion of the entire trailer. Multiple shippers share the space on the same truck and are only paying for their own portion. When it comes to determining what to charge each individual shipper, multiple factors [...]


How Your Business Can Get The Most Out Of Your LTL Shipping

Successful shipping and transportation provide a cornerstone for your business's reliability. When you choose the best shipping method, your customers can receive their items on time and you can retain your reputation. And for many companies, less than truckload (LTL) transportation is the best method. The LTL market is estimated at $35 billion, allowing companies [...]


The 5 Trade Show Mistakes That Are Harming Your Efficiency

As a trade show manager, there are seemingly endless details to consider. This can make it tempting to cut corners and rush to get everything done. However, this will lower the quality of the show and your own productivity. To better handle your trade show logistics, be sure to avoid these common mistakes. By doing [...]


Specialty Freight 101: Antique Shipping Tips

Did you know that people avoid buying things because they're too cumbersome to ship? Many people enjoy traveling the country shopping for antiques that are hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles from home (or wherever their collection might be). Why pass things up because your collection is far away? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates [...]


7 Questions to Ask Your Potential 3PL Provider | DTS

An integral part of your business operations, it’s important to have a 3PL provider managing your supply chain. That’s why you shouldn’t choose just anyone. But how do you decide who is best? While it’s not unusual to compare the pros and cons or read customer reviews, we recommend taking things a step further. In [...]