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Customs House Brokerage Simplified – Reducing Pick Up Times from CFS – Container Freight Stations and Airport Pick Ups

Have you ever had your freight shipped into the U.S. only to see that it has not been cleared by Customs expeditiously?  At Diversified Transportation Services we can help you eliminate that delay with our strategic partner that has over 100 years of Customs Clearance Experience.  We get calls each week from new clients asking [...]


ELDs (Electronic Logging Device) Are Already Creating Truckload Capacity Issues – Top Items to Consider When Scheduling Truckload Moves

With the implementation of the ELDs this December, 2017, the industry has already seen a contraction in available trucks as well as the rates for those trucks being higher than the norm in certain lanes. We have seen many carriers shy away from contractual rates for dedicated lanes until the carriers can truly perform the [...]


Why Use a 3PL? Access Logistics Experts (and Their Top-End Technology) Without Paying Their Salary

A lot of people ask us the question “Why use a 3PL?” And it’s not just our customers asking us — whenever I explain what I do to friends or family members, they often have the same question. They’re curious because, in their minds, logistics is something that a company would normally handle itself, right? [...]


What You Need to Know for Shipping Freight Internationally

International shipping is a natural next step for growing businesses.  Even for established businesses, international shipping is never a sure thing – changes in laws, available shipping lanes, and a multitude of other factors mean that international shipping is never consistent. There’s still a handful of constants when it comes to shipping freight internationally, however, [...]


What Sets the Best 3PLs Apart from the Rest?

Are All 3PLs Alike?  Not At All! One of the quickest ways I’ve learned to discover that a client has never worked with a quality 3PL is that they ask “Are all 3PLs alike?” – or they tell me that all 3PLs are, in fact, alike.  Nothing could be further from the truth, something that [...]


What Is Driver Detention And Why Do I Get Charged for It?

Driver detention is when a driver's route is delayed at either the origin pick up, or the destination delivery location for more than the agreed upon free time. In most moves, the driver has 2 hours at the time of pick up and 2 hours upon delivery free of any cost. The drivers have their [...]


Who Has Ultimate Responsibility To Properly Insure Your Goods When Moving On A Truck?

Is It The Shipper or Logistics Provider? There are several schools of thought as to who is responsible for properly insuring the loads that are given to logistics providers (logistics providers consist of 3PL's and carriers). Shippers may assume that the logistics providers always fully insure the goods. This assumption is incorrect. In most cases [...]


Truckload vs. Rail – How Do I Choose?

When it comes to large shipments shippers always have choices. You can ship via Truckload or you can ship via Rail. Depending on what your particular needs are for that specific shipment will be the driving force for which option you pick. Truckload - Single or Team If you need it their promptly and timing [...]


Transloading, Crossdocking and Drayage Tips

Ensure your container is ready for pick up and fully released at the port so you don't incur added pick up charges. Know how your shipment is loaded onto the container. Are they palletized pieces or loose cartons? This info is mission critical to getting an accurate cost for transloading. Provide the piece count and [...]


Trade Show Shipping — Can You Afford NOT to Hire a Specialist?

Trade show shipping is more art than science, but picking the wrong trucking company or logistics provider for your trade show can have disastrous consequences. I understand why you might think otherwise — after all, isn’t one carrier the same as the next? Shouldn’t one carrier do about as well as another?  You’re just moving pallets [...]